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Individual evangelism is hindered by evolutionism

Posted on 23 June, 2018 at 14:15
At 37 years old, in June of 1997, I turned from my faith in evolutionism and atheism to a personal faith and relationship with God, through my heartfelt profession and belief that Jesus Christ is my Lord and my God and that he rose from the dead. I had been a closet atheist. While individuals in and out of my family attempted to lead me closer to a relationship with God, I was polite and listened but did not consider or accept. The first step in my conversion was hearing a Creation Science fact that started by doubt in evolution. While revivals are occurring, especially amongst teens, the fire of the Holy Spirit is hindered by those in the culture who use the lies of evolution to justify their sin and suspicion, intolerance, and persecution of anyone who trusts in God. All who believe the Good News: that Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of one holy God, died to pay for their sins on a cross, and then rose three days later from the grave, need to know that many in the "West", do not know of Christ, and those that do, are hindered in a profession of faith in Jesus because of their belief in evolutionism. They need to be challenged with solid Creation Science facts, such as; Dinosaurs have been found since 2005 that have red blood cells in unfossilized bone. This is not possible unless the animal lived less than about 5,000 years ago. But carbon dating puts these animals as having lived no more than about 68 million years ago. Carbon dating is falsified to justify evolution and the lies and behavior that go with it.

Categories: Creation Science as catalyst to next Great Awakening

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